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Temperature control expert

Solution provider for the secure Transport of temperature-sensitive products

The ISOS management team has drawn on more than twenty years of experience in cold chain and temperature control management to create a high-performance solution for professionals in the medical sector. Today, the ISOS® isothermal containers and ALCAL® eutectic plates distributed by the company are used by hundreds of customers throughout France: hospitals and clinics, the Etablissement Français du Sang (EFS) blood service, laboratories, private nurses, specialised transport companies, etc.

Established 2004

We are suppliers of secure and temperature-controlled isothermal packaging

Our priorities

ISOS is a dynamic structure that maintains trusted relationships with its partners, clients and suppliers. Our team focuses on two key aspects.

Manufacturing quality

We pay particular attention to quality control. The quality of the products in our offering must be commensurate with the medical issues behind each item transported (grafts, organs, stem cells, etc.). All the lines we supply meet the standards in force in the medical sector.

Technical advice

Listening to our customers is a priority. Our responsiveness allows us to quickly address specific needs and to play a real advisory role. This promotes the transmission of good practice to optimise the safety of transport of temperature-sensitive products.

Our partners

Key usage

Inter-institution transport
Internal transport between departments
Hospitalisation at home (had)
Temperature-controlled protection of surgical and work benches