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Isothermal Packaging For The Medical Sector



Securing temperature-sensitive products: an innovative solution for the transport of biological samples, labile blood products, vaccines, etc.

We offer safe and effective isothermal packaging for temperature sensitive products: vaccines, samples, organs… Thanks to the combined qualities of ISOS® isothermal boxes and ALCAL® flexible eutectic plates, you enjoy an optimal solution with a guaranteed seal thanks to double packaging.


ALCAL® flexible eutectic plates ensure even contact with the products to be kept. This helps to maintain a constant temperature in our insulated containers.


The perfect compatibility of our isothermal cases and eutectic plates guarantees safe and temperature-controlled product transport.


The specific design of our products allows for easy filling of the isothermal containers. All handling is simplified and the products are protected from shocks.

Our products

Securing temperature-sensitive products: transport of biological samples, labile blood products, etc.

The ALCAL® plates were developed with the CNRS  ( National Center  for Scientific research) . They are designed for storage temperatures of +4°C, +22°C or -30°C. Their flexible format makes it easier to fill isothermal packaging and offers more guarantees than rigid plates. They ensure that the target temperature is maintained throughout the transport process. Finally, the double packaging makes cleaning easier.

Storage temperature: between -30°c and -35°c

Storage temperature: between +2°c and +4°c

Storage temperature: between +19°c and +21°c

ISOS® offers a range of patented transport cases made of injection moulded polypropylene supplemented with closed cell, cross-linked low density polyethylene. These isothermal containers are specifically designed for the storage and transport of temperature-sensitive products such as blood platelet bags, sample tubes, grafts, stem cells, vaccines, etc. Whatever the chosen format chosen, a seal is applied to secure the contents.

ISOS also offers the TARABOX range available in 5 formats.

Usable volume: 4.7 litre

Usable volume: 13.1 litre

Usable volume : 4,7 litre

Our Commitment


All the components used in the manufacture of our isothermal packaging are supplied by European partners (Finland, Germany, Spain) and assembled in France.


Our proven manufacturing process enables us to offer you a one year warranty on all our insulated solutions with rated usage.


All our cold accumulators are delivered with personalised labelling (Name of your establishment / BBD / Batch number / Product reference).


Although the ALCAL contained in our eutectic plates does not present major risks for public health or for the environment since its components are easily biodegradable, we can ensure the recycling of products with outdated BBD.


They put their trust in us

In the medical sector, maintaining the cold chain and a specific transport temperature are of particular importance. It is really the health of patients that is at stake. ISOS supports many professionals who receive, ship and handle products that are particularly sensitive to temperature variations on a daily basis:

Their opinion on ISOS products



Over ten years of experience in the medical industry

ISOS is a dynamic, flexible and responsive structure that specialises in temperature control. Today, its expertise enables it to play a real advisory role for its customers by offering them a unique combination: a range of cases optimised for the transport of biological samples and patented plates for long-term temperature maintenance.

ISOS obtained the LNE ministerial approval certificate N°A091034/2 for the transport of dangerous goods (class 6.2 of the ADR) and the CE marking for class I medical devices from the AFSSPS.

Applications in the Medical Sector

Transport of biological samples

ISOS assists its customers in the implementation of their quality approach. This collaboration promotes good practice in the handling and transport of temperature-sensitive products. This makes it possible to transport all types of samples and products in the best possible conditions: LBP, dialysis, diabetes, chemotherapy, grafts, etc.

Transport of labile blood products

The ISOS team uses its expertise in the cold chain and the transport of biological samples to train your teams in the use of storage and transport devices for blood products based on the recommendations of the French Agency for Health Safety and Products.

Vaccine transport

Whether it’s Covid or influenza vaccines, the transport of vaccine doses to vaccination centres or health facilities is subject to strict standards. The ISOS insulated packaging solution guarantees the quality of the vaccines by maintaining an optimal temperature during transport.

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