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ISOS Products are developpes to easy the transport of blood products insuring a perfect regulation of intern temperature.  The range counts several types of eutectic bags ALCAL +4°, ALCAL +22° and ALCAL -30°. The ALCAL is very performing in the last of conservation of temperature. It is the fruit of research of Bordeaux University CNRS.

The ALCAL® is a material developped by CNRS, the University of Bordeaux I and ISOS® society. A patent is taken out by the CNRS.

The molecular ALCAL® alloy which is a temperature change of the solid / liquid phase is determined by its composition and which absorbs, when this change of state, a high energy (kilocalories). Moreover, this transformation takes place at almost constant temperature.

ALCAL +30°

The ALCAL® associated with ISOS® so ensures a secure and temperature controlled transport. ALCAL® of allowing the transport of thermo labile derivatives were developed: Storage temperature of ALCAL®: +4 ° C, +22 ° C, and temperatures below freezing. The ALCAL® is provided in the package as required shelf life. For example 330g ALCAL® 4 ° C (see photo). The minimum shelf life is 6 hours, depending on variable conditions. The flexibility of ISOS® allows us to tailor storage temperatures depending on the type of products to keep their constraints and conditioning. Identification and Color: each produces its ALCAL The purpose of the coloration is to enable the user to identify and safely clear the temperature range of use of the ALCAL®. Red for ALCAL® + 4 ° C for ALCAL® Yellow + 22 °. Similarly, to obtain the expected performance, the ALCAL® used should be that for this purpose.

No extra markings will be made on each bag with ALCAL : Lot # ALCAL , expiration date ( 2 years), coordinated by the user. Ex : ( 401613AS4 ALCAL 4 ° C Exp: 07/2015 CH SALON DE PROVENCE ..... . . . ) .

ALCAL +22°