Isos 4

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Briefcases , totes and containers for transporting temperature- – ISOS Case 02 (Volume 3 liters) – trasport suitcase ISOS 03 ( 12.6 Effective volume lites ) – Containers ISOS 04 ( 26 liters or 6 bags) ISOS 4 consists of different components: A box and injected polyprolene lid equipped elastomeric protective corners and a sealing gasket.

ISOS® mass of 5.9 kg

External dimension : 560 * 300 * 330 mm.

Isolated ISOS® ability ( performance improvement : 13h storage at an outside temperature of 25 ° C)

Six elastomer bags with handles with clips and passage of a waterproof and sealed for a secure closure .





Briefcase injected polypropylene , with two locking points and with a handle for carrying and affixing a seal. And thermally insulating foam food standards can accommodate the ALCAL® .Masse empty of all ISOS® : 1,350 kg. External dimension of ISOS® : 440x350x95 mm Performance: storage for 13h at an outdoor temperature of 30 ° C

Possibility of positioning a bar in order to seal the product inside .


Multiple applications safely

The ISOS transport case ensures the safety of the product transported , the operating personnel and the environment : – perfect sealing , without contamination – fashion simple disinfection – high strength and recyclable materials – compact and easy to carry – suitable for the transport of dangerous goods of Class 6.2 of ADR

Ideal in the field of health

ISOS has specific strengths in the areas of blood transfusion , medical analysis, laboratory diagnosis , in the hospital or in the pharmaceutical industry environment.

It is perfectly suited for the transport of sensitive biological products : – blood products and their derivatives – sampling of biological samples ( GBEA standards) – organs and tissues – pharmaceutical products derived vaccines, … – transport and storage fragile

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