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Carlotemp is an indicator "time-temperature". This device allows to take into account the breakdown of the cold chain, as well as the duration. This reference control the overshoot of the temperature of 8 ° C, and combines the overrun time ,.

PRESENTATION: Presented as a molded plastic tube, it has the following dimensions: Height = 70mm Height before activation after activation = 65mm diameter = 8 mm DESCRIPTION Carlotemp has 2 parts: 1) The body of the tube: It contains a double tongue made of an absorbent top, glued on a printed medium having "time indicators." 2) The cap: Sealed Delivered through a joint, the cap contains a pad impregnated with a few drops of a product that has the particularity to change state at a temperature of 8 ° C. Below this temperature the product is solid, above it is liquid. All products used in the composition of "Carlotemp" meet health and safety standards. CONSERVATION: The design of CARLOTEMP does not require special storage conditions.

Carlotemp is a disposable transparent tube that detects the temperature elevation giving an indication of the length of the delay. If the temperature is consistent , the tongue contained in the box remains white . In case of non -compliance , a green box and black lines appear after a few hours to reach the red zone. The red light indicates that the period of temperature overshoot is too long. According Carlotemp references can detect the following temperatures: + 3.5 ° C, + 6 ° C, 8 ° C, + 10 ° C. For example , for the TS08P model , the red area is reached in 6 hours if the temperature is above 8 ° C .carlotemp1